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Service with a vision

Apart from its excellent service as an agency, representing several of the most significant production companies in today’s textile industry, Koehl & Borkelmans also offers its own product named DEVORAXIL KF, a release agent, as well as a consultancy service.


A transparent universal lubricant and release agent made from heat resistant substances.


DEVORAXIL KF is a product that can be used for protection of the spinneret surface. It enables long cleaning cycles and is a highly efficient separating agent.


DEVORAXIL KF offers the following advantages:

  • Excellent release and lubricating properties
  • Increased safety and cleanliness in the spinning area since there is no naked gas flame present
  • Economical consumption
  • Reduced coating frequency results in fewer downtimes
  • Increased productivity
  • Optimized product quality
  • No physiological concerns
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Rapid drying without the need for heat treatment
  • Simple spray application
  • The product is operational up to 300° C.


Spray on the surface that needs treating from a distance of approximately 25 to 30 cm.


Packaging:    400 ml aerosols cans.
                    12 cans per case.
Storage:       dry, not above 50°C.
Shelf life:     2 years.



Koehl & Borkelmans also offers a consultancy service through which strives to optimize its customers’ companies’ processes. It does so by working closely together with the customers and providing them with high quality expertise that is adjustable to their specific needs. Koehl & Borkelmans offers these consultancy services in the field of extrusion in the synthetic fibres and yarns production process. An outsider’s objective opinion could be the essential element needed to look beyond one’s own horizon and find the perfect way to adapt to the current market. 

Professional advice

Koeh l& Borkelmans gives companies advice as well as guidance in the field of extrusion in the production of synthetic fibres and yarn in the textile industry.  It does this for companies that are new to the field as well as for companies that are already well acquainted with these processes.
Our work method consists of offering specific consultancies as well as structural consultacies where we take on the role of the customer’s sounding board and sparring partner. 

Custom made advice

Every consultancy project is unique. The advice differs according to the organisation, seeing that it is always adapted to the customers’ specific needs. Each organisation is built up of its own characteristics, specific needs and company culture. We always start out by researching the extent to which the organisation is familiar with the extrusion processes already.

Understandable and clear

In a clear and understandable fashion we explain to you the ways in which we think you could optimize the extrusion processes, along with what it is exactly that such an optimal process contains and which actions, according to us, you should do more or less of. We do this by providing you with clear and practical examples as well as by giving you training on the job. We operate by using real life cases from similar companies, show you the possible solutions to your requirements and the results we obtained with them. This way we facilitate your decision making process which will result in you making the right choice and achieving the greatest success.

In short we offer:

  • Professional advice regarding extrusion of the production of synthetic yarn and fibres in the textile industry.
  • Solutions that fit your personal needs
  • Comprehensible tips and explanations
  • Including for newcomers to the field

Choose experience, reliability and proficiency

Koehl & Borkelmans has a lot of experience in advising companies in the field of extrusion of synthetic yarn and fibres in the textile industry. Our company stands for reliability, quality and efficiency at the right price.
Contact us today and let us inform you about the possibilities without any further obligations.


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