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Unique solutions for filaments, fibres and tapes

Hubron (International) Ltd has developed a wide range of black masterbatches specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of tape and fibre extrusion. Hubron grades are characterised by a very high level of dispersion and take into account the critical effect of masterbatch viscosity. This, together with the choice of a compatible carrier, leads to increased fibre extrusion efficiency and reduced filter blocking enabling Hubron black masterbatch users to perform long problem free production runs.
Hubron understands the demands of continuous extrusion process of synthetic fibres from 2 to 30 deniers and supplies grades that reduce fibre breakages and maintain tenacity. Hubron masterbatches contain only high quality raw materials.
Typical applications for Hubron polyolefinic black masterbatches are staple fibres, synthetic carpet yarn (BCF) and spunbond nonwoven. End applications include: geotextiles, carpets, and upholstery.

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